Vulnerable groups

Women can be disproportionately negatively impacted by gambling-related harms, which include financial, relationship and mental health issues. There is also an evidence base to suggest that for women, emotional distress, experience of trauma or managing other difficult situations such as domestic abuse, sexual violence or other pressures can make them vulnerable to experiencing gambling problems themselves. These problems can cause a sense of isolation and have far reaching impacts on their families, communities and personal lives; however, they are often not aware where to get support services.

GamCare  Uganda works with organizations to support vulnerable women in raising awareness of how gambling is linked with a range of issues affecting women and girls and helping to better identify women in need – including those affected by domestic abuse.

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GamCare Uganda is a registered and independent non-governmental organization and as such, donations are vital in extending the reach and impact of our work to minimise gambling-related harm to individuals and families.