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What we do.

For many people gambling is not a harmful activity, but for some in a work place, at school, in homes and many other places it can become a serious problem. It is therefore  important for people to properly understand the risks associated with gambling, and for them to be able to access timely advice and support to prevent a problem developing.

Whether you want to learn how to gamble more safely (responsible gambling ) or to stop gambling completely, GamCare Uganda can  help you reach your goal and support you through the process.

Get free information

Make an informed decision before you gamble. Know the risks and protect yourself from harm. We at GamCare encourage responsible gambling

Do you a gambling problem? we advise you on how to overcome.


Are you on a journey to recover from problem gambling? we support you throughout the entire journey. 


GamCare Uganda is a registered and independent non-governmental organization and as such, donations are vital in extending the reach and impact of our work to minimise gambling-related harm to individuals and families.

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