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About us

GamCare Uganda is an initiative and a non-profit organization, dedicated to assisting problem gamblers and their families. We operate a gambling helpline (toll-free line coming soon), provide treatment for problem gamblers and their families, create awareness about responsible gambling and treatment, and encourage an effective approach to responsible gambling within the gambling industry.

GamCare Uganda exists to help those affected by Problem Gambling and is neither for nor against legalized gambling.

Our Mission

Reduce harmful effects of gambling to families, communities and the general population through advice and treatment.

Our objectives

  • To provide high quality, effective and non-judgemental advice and support for problem gamblers and affected others.


  • To provide high quality, effective, versatile and responsive treatment for problem gamblers and affected others in Uganda


  • To help and support operators and regulators in the development and implementation of effective responsible gambling policies, measures and practices, including  training and consultancy


  • To lead in the development of best practice in research, education, communication and become a recognised Centre of Clinical Excellence


  • To provide advice, support, education and treatment to young people and other vulnerable groups

Our services

  • Gambling HelpLine call 0393 228819 (toll free helpline coming soon).

  • Chat to an advisor on our website. We provide live, confidential one to one information, advice and emotional support.

  • Our helpLine and live chat services are available everyday of the week, between 8am – 6pm. Advisers  can discuss what options are available for problem gamblers.

  • Our online Forum is available to anyone who wants to share their experiences and seek support from others. Threads include supporting a problem gambler, recovery diaries, and information about Gamblers Anonymous and Gam-Anon meetings.

  • Plus we can signpost to further sources of specialist help, including our face to face, online and telephone treatment services.

"GamCare aims to reduce gambling harm in the community by raising awareness, educating the community and running workshops to educate community  about problem gambling”.

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