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The positive effect of COVID-19 in the fight against gambling reduction.

While all countries allover the world are grappling with COVID-19 and its effects like many deaths,infections, crumbling economies, unemployment, reduced activity in most spheres of life among others. There are numerous positives out of the wave especially in the advocacy for zero gambling.

COVID-19 has presented families with the much valued time that I can also confess we haven't had in a long time. Where you are with your children home for 5 weeks or more. Seen families play, having fun, eating, chats, praying and many other things together. Children are asking all sorts of questions and parents learning all sorts of things from their kids,things that teachers would instead have told them about.This a good time to talk about gambling with your children,you may think they don't know but you might be shocked at what they already know.

Gambling adverts are allover radios, television stations, betting shops are competing with retail normal shops for visibility. Children know but they need to be guided.

See our guide on how to start a conversation with your child about gambling

Parents have allowed their children to access mobile devices where they spend time playing games, some are allowed access to internet on laptops and computers at home to play games others are playing games on PlayStation.

However good this is, there are dangers since many are rewarding system based. We encourage parents to be more vigilant and watch out what their kids are accessing and playing as many of these games are triggers to gambling problem later on.

For those that have been engaged in gambling, this is the best time to assess and see if they really can put their money to better use including saving for the uncertain future or sharing with families or friends that might be in need. Satisfaction gained from these activities may not be as fun as those from gambling but welcome life lessons. This is so because of the way those involved in gambling do it. Many are youth ignorantly getting entangled in gambling.

The world has slowed down to give a change to each and everyone to edit certain negative habits out of our lives especially the superfluous. Gambling to a large part of the population is not affordable but they continue to do it ignorantly. That money can be invested in better things in one's life as many will realise after COVID-19. This is a time of reflection for everyone including those that are dealing with gambling issues. It's no doubt that many are coming out of this with a changed mind about gambling after realising that they can put money for gambling to better use.

After the COVID-19 fight is over, we will be more charged to keep the momentum on gaming harm reduction in high gear.

Zero gambling is very possible and we won't rest till this is attained. Now that the danger is more evident due to so many children and young adults being exposed to gambling more than ever.

We continue to encourage those that are worried about their family members and friends with gambling habits to reach out. Those on recovery are also encouraged to keep working,This is the best time to quit gambling.

Our helpline is open. You can also call text or WhatsApp for help.

Help is available.

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